Shun Lukewarm Attitude Towards God’s Work-Rev. Oscar Morrison Advises

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Rev Oscar Morrison
Resident Pastor for International Gospel Church, Holy Hills Temple, Rev. Oscar Morrison

Resident Pastor for International Gospel Church, Holy Hills Temple, Rev. Oscar Morrison, has advised Christians to use their God-given talent to help promote the Kingdom business.

This he said, all the believers who put their resources into God’s work in the bible knew that they would be rewarded by him.

Rev. Oscar Morrison, who gave this advice during Sunday church service in Accra, quoted from the scriptures saying: “The Lord rewards those who diligently serve Him.”

The Man of God noted that oftentimes believers in Christ got frustrated and discouraged when, after many years of faithful and diligent service to God, their dire needs were not met.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword,” he quoted.

Therefore as believers, we need not waver in our devotion to God because our expectations have not been met,” he inspired.

This he said, Christians need to shun a lukewarm attitude towards God’s work and rather serve with pure heart since their labour will not be in vain.

Adding that, in all Christians need to seek the kingdom of God first before chasing worldly things.

“Every Christian has a special gift that has been deposited in them which God wants them to use judiciously to promote the Kingdom business. Just ponder over these unique talents in you, and start using them in the House of God,” he emphasized.

Rev. Oscar Morrison also advised individuals to have faith in God and avail themselves to him to control their lives so that they shall always see his favour.

Stressing that, with a strong faith in God they can surmount challenges that might confront them.

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