Simphiwe Dana Finds Lesbian lover, And Ready To Marry Her

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Simphiwe Dana, award winning songstress kept everyone laughing when she announced to be an official member of the LGBTQ community and already found her Mrs. Right.

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Dana adopted a ‘screw it just do it’ attitude, and came out to the world as a proud gay women and she couldn’t be more proud of living her truth Even though Mzansi tends to be a bit skeptical about same sex relationships,

“I know coming out means Africa will block me. But, after a lot of thinking, I’m ok with it. I’m marrying a woman, and I’ve never been happier” Dana wrote.

Simphiwe, in her fellowing tweet shared a snap of her gorgeous bride to be Pumeza Matshikiza, to start their lives together as a happy couple.

“I’m marrying her. She’s coming home to me today. We are so happy” she wrote.

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