Sir Adjaye Will Be Earning Over $300m By End Of Awarded Contracts – Simons Alleges

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Vice President of IMANI Africa, Bright Simons, has bemoaned the decision of the government to offer major architecture projects in the country to Sir David Adjaye and Associates Limited without any competitive bidding process.

According to him, the government has so far sole-sourced five major projects to Sir David Adjaye’s company which will be worth more than $300 million, given the current rate he is currently charging.

Speaking on Newsfile on Saturday, Simons mentioned that some of the projects that have been sole-sourced to Adjaye include the Ghana Trade Fair Centre project, National Cathedral project, Marine Drive Ghana, W.E.B Du Bois Museum Complex, the Agenda 111 projects and the Ghana Freedom Pavilion in Venice.

“(There is) this new pattern whereby the government is consistently single-sourcing large projects to a single architect (Sir David Adjaye), it is unusual. We have never seen these in this country… what has all of a sudden changed? We appreciate the fact that Sir David Adjaye is a global architect and internationally renowned, but he has been practicing for years since 2000. He has been famous around the world. Why is that from 2018 onwards, we are seeing massive projects being awarded to him without design competition?

“… how can we award the Ghana Trade Fair Centre (which he will be paid $300 million at the current rate)? We decided to do the Ghana Freedom Pavilion in Venice (Italy) and we went for him, … we are going to pay him another $100 for Agenda 111 project using the same scaling fee he has been applying.

“By the time we are through, we will have paid a single architect more than $300 million as a country. Somebody must ask some questions,” he said.

He added that even though Sir Adjaye is an internationally acclaimed architect, he must compete to get the projects that have been given to him to help reduce the cost of these projects because the amount he is currently charging are inflated.

Simon, in a previous post on social media, alleged that the architecture work for the National Cathedral project was sole-sourced to Sir David Adjaye and Associates Limited at $22 million.

The $22 million agreement, Simons said, is 10 percent of the total cost to be incurred for the National Cathedral project, which is a breach of Ghana’s procurement laws on architecture practice.

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