Somizi Unfollows His Husband Mohale On Social Media


The news is somewhat not a surprise to many after Somzi candidly spoke about the challenge he and his partner have been facing in their young marriage.

“It’s exactly as any other relationship, it’s got its ups and its downs and, at the moment, we are facing that one year challenge of a marriage, we are facing that and I am not ashamed of that,” Somizi said in a interview with a local magazine.

The couples also spent their festive holidays with their respective friends. Somizi was always seen with his bestie Vusi Nova who was a headlined at the All-White Easter Soulful Picnic at the Azania Junxion Pub and Grill on Sunday.

Mohale also spent his time with some of his friends in and around Johannesburg.

It sounds a little weird to be repeating it, but Somizi is not following his husband on Instagram or Twitter anymore.

See screenshot below:

Somizi subtly confirmed his marriage is on the verge of collapsing after taking to his Instagram account to share a video where he and bestie Vusi were singing a broken heart song that many believe was directed at Mohale.

Watch video below:


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