Stop disrespecting me or else!” Stonebwoy warns Shatta Wale


Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has warned his rival, Shatta Wale to stop disrespecting him.

According to him, his rival has been trying to disregard him as an artiste and has been trying to tarnish his image.

Speaking in an interview with KMJ on Showbiz Now on Joy Prime, the ‘Wame’ hitmaker had some strong words for Shatta Wale.

“I will accord respect to him [for abing] able to achieve for himself but he should stop; once again…stop disrespecting me!” Stonebwoy warned.

“I’m talking for myself stop trying to disregard me…it wouldn’t work, its only showing more of who he is,” he added.

In November this year, a concert at the O2 Academy Islington in London that had Stonebwoy as the headlined act was cancelled leaving some fans very disappointed.

Stonebwoy told KMJ that he received a lot of flak from some of his fans and people for cancelling the November 28 concert.

“People have jumped on to that to say their minds that Stonebwoy can’t fill any auditorium Stonebwoy is not the champion,” he said.

“I have to be sincere…reading these things didn’t hurt me that much but to also realise it’s this same guy [Shatta Wale] again who is supposed to know better, who always claims to know better and poaching and impeaching me against certain people to diminish my works,” he said.

“You know the name of the artiste already, it’s not worth mentioning and you know…to say the guy that you guys say is your champion can’t even fill like 800 and so on…So you realise how much of a nightmare I am to this guy,” Stonebwoy added.