Stop Police Officers From Going Through Peoples Device Without Permission


Ghanaian musician, Kwame A plus has called on the government to take action on police who search people’s device without court order

He explained that since the government is against police brutality and hold a funeral ceremony for a black native in Ghana who was murdered in United States then it should replicate actions since the police in Ghana are not “blues”.

According to the political critic, last year the IGP cautioned police officers to stop planting weed on civilians which clearly indicates that innocent young men are in jail.

In a detailed post on his Facebook page, he stated that the IGP is aware that the policemen do that and turn around to arrest people for crimes they haven’t committed but no one is seeking justice for them.

He added that if the government is so concerned about police brutality on blacks to the extent of holding ceremony then he calls on them to stop police officers going through peoples device without having a court’s permission.

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Just last year, the IGP cautioned police officers to stop planting weed on civilians. (Attached is a memo which was sent from the police headquarters)

This means the IGP himself is aware that police officers plant weed on people and turn around to arrest them. This clearly shows that many innocent people, especially young guys have been jailed in Ghana for crimes they didn’t commit. Who is fighting for justice for them?

In America, white police officers are those who brutalize blacks the most but here in Ghana it is a police officer from your grandmother’s village who will plant weed on you and arrest you and if you fail to give him/her money you will be thrown in jail.

You want me to leave these issues and talk about treatment of blacks in America? Lie lie. Anka ma tete. I sympathize with them but I care more about what is happening to my people in my backyard.

Now that we have a government which is so concern about police brutality against blacks to the extent that it can hold a ceremony in honor of a victim, I have to use this opportunity to remind them that the boys who are stopped by police everyday and commanded to open their bag, and asked to remove their laptop, and asked to turn it on, and asked to enter the pin so that a police can go through the laptop are not blues!!! They are also blacks.

No police officer in Ghana has the right to go through anyone’s device without court order. I want to also use this opportunity to remind the government that those law students who were brutalized by police for demonstrating are not yellows, they are blacks.

If you are against police brutality and support protesters who are looting and burning down their city, why then did you send police and military to brutalize peaceful protesters who were demanding a foot bridge at Adenta? As for me, I’m an eskimo. You can not sell me snow!!! Never!!!

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