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Team Eternity Ghana stole their ‘DEFE DEFE’ song from an old Gospel Song?

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Viral Gospel Group, Team Eternity Ghana, is facing allegations similar to those that have plagued Kuami Eugene, who is often accused of ‘stealing’ songs and releasing them as his own.

Recently, Team Eternity Ghana released a new hit song that has been making waves across both traditional and social media platforms.

Their latest track, titled ‘DEFE DEFE,’ has become the anthem everyone is dancing to. The song’s Afrobeat version, in particular, has gained immense popularity, especially on TikTok and other video-sharing sites, where it has gone viral.

However, the success of ‘DEFE DEFE’ has been overshadowed by controversy. Allegations have surfaced that the song is not entirely original. In recent days, comparisons have been drawn between Team Eternity Ghana’s ‘DEFE DEFE’ and another song with the same title by Halleluyah Voices.

The original song, ‘Defe Defe,’ was produced by Kwame Mickey and performed by Halleluyah Voices. Kwame Mickey has now come forward to address the situation, claiming that Team Eternity Ghana has copied the original song and made minor changes to it.

In a self-recorded video, Kwame Mickey expressed his frustration and disappointment with Team Eternity Ghana.

He accused the group of taking his original work and making alterations to pass it off as their own creation.

Kwame Mickey did not stop at expressing his grievances. He also warned Team Eternity Ghana that he would pursue legal action if they did not acknowledge the original creators of the song. He emphasized that the group must do their due diligence to avoid facing legal consequences.

The controversy has sparked a debate within the music community, with many fans and industry professionals weighing in on the issue.

Some believe that Team Eternity Ghana should have sought permission and given credit to the original creators, while others argue that music often involves inspiration and adaptation.

As the dispute unfolds, the popularity of ‘DEFE DEFE’ continues to grow. Fans of the song are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the situation, curious to see how it will impact both Team Eternity Ghana and Halleluyah Voices.

In the meantime, Team Eternity Ghana remains in the spotlight, enjoying the success of their hit song while also dealing with the controversy that surrounds it.

Whether the group will address the allegations directly or face legal action remains to be seen.


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