Temmie Ovwasa Shares How She Wants People To Behave At Her Funeral

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Singer Temmie Ovwasa has shared how she wants people to behave at her funeral as she talks about the reason why she prefers being a lesbian.

Temmie Ovwasa posted talking about the reason why she prefers being a lesbian to being straight saying she’s scared of pregnancy and doesn’t want any immature man child who can’t wash his a$$ or keep a straight woman interested.

According to her, it amuses her when her family members remind her she would be 25 soon and expect her to bring a man home hoping that her lesbian phase has passed but that won’t be the case because she would be bringing a woman home.

Speaking about how people should behave at her funeral when she dies someday, Temmie Ovwasa said she hopes people are allowed to say what a sh!tty person she was and what an amazing person she was at the funeral because she was both.

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Temmie Ovwasa added that she’s very much looking forward to a lack of crocodile tears at her funeral and those who would love to say fvck them would be allowed to say it in peace since she knows the kind of person she is.

It looks like Temmie Ovwasa doesn’t want any fake love or crocodile tears at her funeral when she dies one day and doesn’t want a situation where people will be saying good things about her when they know she was sh!tty at some point in time.

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