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The Attitude Lounge by Kodwo Brumpon: The story of change

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“The chameleon changes colour to match the earth, but the earth does not change colour to match the chameleon.” – African proverb

This is the story of change as told by her, about how she came to assume her role in the life of human’s. Long ago, Change started out as an apprentice to Time. Time was the master craftsman, and everybody wanted to be like him. He strolled ahead of everybody, even to this day he still does.

He had perfected his trade so well; he was the hallmark of efficiency. Plus he had such a passion for his work, he become perfect. He never stopped, or rested or slept and very few could catch up with him.

All the fathers wanted their sons to be like Time and thus all the boys were sent to him for training. Interestingly, they found his pace so unique and so different they all gave up.

Change’s father, once an apprentice of Time always wanted a boy but he got a girl. He named her Change because her birth brought about a change in his plans. However, he believed that Change should fulfill his dream, and learn the craft of Time.

And so, he sent her to Time. She prided herself on being the first female apprentice and vowed to do what the boys could not do. Thus, she followed Time everywhere, until her feet were tired and she could barely walk.

She actually enjoyed following Time around and she watched every little movement of his and she asked him questions, a million, probably, two million questions until she found out the truth.

Time was unique and he had been shaped that way by nature. He only did what he was supposed to do – to pull life ahead. His purpose was to set the pace for all to follow. He could not stop even if he wanted to, nor could he sleep or rest. He was in a constant motion. He just did his duty and his duty was all he knew and he simply loved it. He will always be like that because he did not know if he can become anything else, and he did not want to become anything else. That is why he worked so well and with great pleasure.


Those insights stopped Change in her tracks, her senses snapped into reality and she instantly became aware of herself. She could never become like Time, not even if she gave her all. She was Change and Change she will be. Nature had shaped her to live among humans, she was to inspire them and keep them on their toes. It was her duty to ensure humanity was never far behind Time. It was what she will be and the earlier she embraced herself the better and happier she will be. And she could become passionate about her work like Time.


Once she discovered her purpose, Change embraced it and came to live amongst humans. She brought along with her, the greatest secrets she learned from her trade, and that which made Time important. That secret was, Time never repeated any time, ever. Thus, upon her arrival amongst us, she has ensured that nothing is ever the same, never. She has had to toil very hard because humans are afraid of change. It is not surprising the greater numbers amongst us always viewed Change with suspicion.


That attitude does not deter her. She knows she has a difficult task, but it is an interesting one. That is why she works hard to get us to accept her. Like a good marketer, Change never gives up on her clients. She is always finding ways to involve herself in our lives and it is always, to make us appreciate how her fruits are for our good. She never changes for us, rather we have to change to catch up with her. And because she looks like the solution, and not the problem, we have accepted her alongside Time. This is the story and song of Change.


Kodwo Brumpon works at Polygon Oval, a forward-thinking Pan African management consultancy and social impact firm driven by data analytics, with a focus on understanding the extraordinary potential and needs of organisations and businesses to help them cultivate synergies, that catapults into their strategic growth, and certifies their sustainability.

Comments, suggestions, and requests for talks and training should be sent to him at [email protected]

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