The bible is misleading and full of lies – Nana Tonardo

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Actor Emil Wood popularly known as Nana Tornado has stated that a lot of things in the Bible are pure lies and misleading, hence making it fake.

According to Tonardo, the Bible, at the first place was given to us by our slave masters disputing that how can a master give something good to a slave, not to talk of if that something that could save his soul.

Nana Tonardo wondered how a snake as inscribed in the bible could talk and deceive Eve and Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.

Citing an example to buttress his profound averment, Nana Tonardo said that no master would give a written document to a slave in the name of showing the slave a way to heaven, which to him doesn’t exist anyway. It is not possible.

Explaining why he thinks the Bible is full of lies, he said all the stories especially that of the snake in the Garden of Eden and horse flying in the bible are just kids bedtime stories adding that God never wrote a bible.

He argued that the so-called bible came into existence through man’s own invention. God never ordered anyone to write any book for him making everything written in it human backed.

Nana Tornado asserted that the older generation knew good and bad before our slave masters introduced the Bible.


Nana Tonardo went on to say that he believes there is God but not the one highly praised in the Bible. He believes whatever one gives to nature there is an equal result of it.

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