The ladies don’t love you, focus on making money- D-Black


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Desmond Blackmore, famously known as D-Black yesterday after posting in a tweet declaring that he is going to attain a millionaire status in the next 365 days or less, has now advised men on how to also attain financial freedom.

According to the rapper and business mogul, a man who wants to make it financially in life must take his eyes off the ladies.

He stated emphatically that, those ‘slay queens‘ don’t know how to love therefore if men think they love them, they actually don’t

Perhaps D-Black must have had a wholesome experience with these ‘Ladies’ and hence is doing his fellow men favor to not try that slice of a lifestyle.

The ‘Vera’ hitmaker, therefore, tells men, in his tweet, to better concentrate on making the money than following the ladies.

Most Ghanaian musicians end up broke after being in the limelight for a couple of years and are no more.

See his post below:

After, playing all the gigs with awesome endorsements bring good money but still go broke. D-Black knows why and advises all men to stay away from the ladies.

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