The real shock awaits NPP on December 7


A former Communications Minister under the erstwhile John Mahama led administration, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah has said the 40 NPP Members of Parliament who were defeated because the party’s delegates feel the collective neglect by the government.

A total of 40 political stalwarts were voted against in the just ended NPP Primaries in constituencies where the Political Party had sitting Members of Parliament.

Some Political pundits have said that booting out 40 experienced Members of Parliament(MPs) is an indication that the government is not performing and the people are sending a message to the NPP government to sit up for the few months left on their calendar.

But the NPP has said it’s a good omen going forward in a political season because it has exposed the lapses which they will need to address before election 2020.

But reacting to this, Dr. Omane Boamah noted that booting out 40 Members of Parliament is an indication of the failure of the NPP considering the fact that they have failed to fulfill the numerous promises made to the people of Ghana.

To him, the New Patriotic Party will receive the real shock of their lives during the 2020 elections because they’ve taken the people for granted over the years and lied to them especially with the COVID-19 figures.

He said “Honourable Majority Leader, the massive casualties in the NPP primaries would have been worse if some NPP Members of Parliament were not shielded from the wrath of the electorates. The delegates live within communities and feel your collective neglect due to failed 2016 manifesto promises. The real shock awaits NPP in December. When you take citizens for granted, lie to them even about COVID-19 and railroad obnoxious laws through the approval process, the sovereign people of Ghana will meet you at the polls”.

Source: Ayeh offei-Akoto/2020

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