The security at the residence of EC chairperson raises suspicion – Kwesi Pratt

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The managing director of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has raised concerns as to number of heavly armed security personnels at the residence of the chairperson of the Electoral commission Mrs. Jean Mensah.

According to the veteran journalist, he is aware that though security personnels are provided for the electoral commissioner this time around the security given to Jean Mensah is something else.

He went on to say that the joint military force and police at the residence of the EC is suspicious and there is no tension in the country to warrant all these actions from the security.

He said: “I’ve been in this country for some time, I’ve seen the performance of various Electoral Commissioners for some time. I’ve seen the security which has been provided to them.

This morning sitting here, I can tell you that the security been provided to the Chairperson of the electoral commission is unprecedented. Over the last four weeks or so, her house is been guarded by a joint team of Police and Military and they are using armoured vehicles to protect her.

As if that was not enough. Last week, there were barricades infront of her house and you couldn’t drive infront of her house without been thoroughly searched. What is it that has heightened the security level of the Chairperson of the electoral Commission? What is the fear? What does the National Security know that we don’t know?

In any case, why does she feel so frightened as to call for this level of security and If this level of security is called for then something must be happening. It has never happened before and I’ve never known it to happen before, something must be happening”

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