There are more secessionist groups in Ghana


Security Expert, Professor Emmanuel Kwesi Aning is warning that there might be two or more secessionist groups in the country, advising the security apparatus to be up to speed.

His argument is based on the fact that two different flags were cited during last Friday’s attack in some part of Southern Volta where roads were blocked for several hours in the early morning.

“If one looks at the videos that you have shown and the names of the towns you have mentioned, the sheer geography of where the action took place,  the time that it took them to block roads, sing patriotic songs, dance around and also talk to people. The choice of the two police stations, the successes in overrunning them, tying them up, destroying state properties and seizing tells a story of careful planning, masterful execution and clear signal to the state that this particular group has gone beyond talking”, Dr. Aning pointed out on Accra based radio station, monitored by

“It is important to recognize that there are now two flags and possibly more than two or three groups using a secessionist language”, he emphasized.

He added that the attack certainly raised disturbing issues which should not be swept under the carpet.

“It certainly raised very disturbing questions, and these are disturbing questions that I think should not be swept under carpet.”


Ghanaians on Friday September 25, 2020, woke up to news of the Western Togoland Group blocking block the Mepe-Sege road and the Accra-Ho road at Juapong, preventing the flow of traffic.

The members of the group numbering about 50 amidst chanting of war songs were also reported to have attacked the Aveyime and Mepe Police Stations in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region where vehicles and weapons were stolen

They issued an ultimatum to the Ghana Police Service and the military to stay indoors till further notice or surrender peacefully to the Western Togoland Security forces.

The statement pointed out that the restoration to Western Togoland statehood, under the leadership of Togbe Yesu Kwabla Edudzi I, is being consolidated.

As such Togbe Yesu is the Chairman of Western Togoland Restoration Front (WTRF), the political wing of the Western Togoland independence struggle. Zoure/2020

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