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Entertainment of Sunday, 1 November 2020


play videoMusician and co-founder of Koaba

Musician and co-founder of Koaba, a made in Ghana rice, Trigmatic have called out persons who place more value on foreign rice compared to rice grown in Ghana.

According to him, local rice smells and tastes better than most perfume rice which is imported into the country annually.

Speaking on Bloggers Forum on GhanaWeb TV with Benefo Buabeng Abrantepa, he campaigned for the consumption of local rice saying:

“People are now getting to understand the thing with local rice, the 1.2B annually importation of foreign rice is crazy. That money can be pumped into the local industry for us to do better…the truth of the matter is that our rice is as good as any other rice.”

Despite the several misconceptions about Ghanaian grown-rice, he has tasked individuals to personly patronise such rice and be the judge for themselves.

Trigmatic again revealed that there is a huge demand for Ghana rice, especially towards the festive season.

“There is demand (for local rice), that is a truth. Sometimes we try to hold back marketing a little bit because if you are not careful, you won’t be able to meet the demand. There id demand and we have enough to supply, December is coming and it’s a season a lot of people consume a lot of rice,” he told the host of Bloggers Forum, Abrantepa.

Adding: “I’d advise anybody who wants to get unto the field, then you need to start talking to the Extention Officers. Go to the district officers, there are there and you can use them to do soil testing and stuff to understand what can grow well on a particular land,” he advised persons who wish to go into farming.

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