This is nothing- Serwaa Amihere on her leaks

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Serwaa Amihere, about a day ago, after her subtle reactions via video on social media to the sexual allegations against her, has officially responded to the allegations.

The Fine Presenter has finally issued a statement on her official social media page on Twitter to address all allegations directed at her in recent times.

According to her, she has endured years of abuse and malicious lies hurled at her by some unjust and bitter persons yet none has broken her.

She explains these trials instead of what is expected, breaking her, has rather made her stronger the more each time someone tried to come at her just to soil her hard-earned reputation.

Serwaa Amihere again established in her comments in her reaction to loads of allegations on her that she has learnt in all these years not to argue with people who try to destroy her status.

The GhOne TV presenter used the medium to say ‘Thank You’ to all who reached out and showed concern to her amid these difficult moments. These are here words;

I have endured years of abuse and malicious lies. All these years, I’ve learnt not to argue with people who try to destroy the reputation of others unjustly.

Far from distracting me, they have made me stronger.

To the many who have reached out to show concern, I’m most grateful.

The journalist has been in the news recently over her alleged sexual relationships with politicians. These accusations were projected by one faceless SnapChat user days ago.

According to this faceless Snapchat user, Serwaa Amihere has been sleeping with some big men and politicians in the country and has even infected them with STIs.

The Snapchat user revealed that not only that but she has also been sleeping with one Dion who happens to be the boyfriend of a very close friend of Serwaa Amihere.

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