Those against the deployment of soldiers on election day should leave Ghana


Deputy General Secretary for the New Patriotic Party(NPP), Nana Obiri Bohen has said that people who are against the decision to deploy soldiers during the impending election should leave the country.

According to him, the presence of soldiers is needed at the various polling stations across the country because the mere presence of them will cool down tempers when they flare.

Nana Obiri Boahen who was speaking to Accra-based Starr FM in an interview said “People who think deploying soldiers will not help, they are at liberty to leave the country. If you don’t have a hidden agenda, why do you fear soldiers?

I’ve been with the system and I’m saying that when you bring in the soldiers, they’re able to calm nerves”.

To him, only people who have a hidden agenda are afraid of the Military and if they do not have anything to hide, they should accept the deployment of the Military.

Nana Obiri Boahen noted that with all the elections organized in the country, this year’s organization has been one of a kind.

“I’m highly impressed because I’ve been with the system since 1992 and this time around if one will be honest, I’m highly impressed with the EC and its officials. We are fed up with people who don’t want to hear the names of soldiers. It’s only people with a hidden agenda who are afraid of soldiers.”

Source: Ayeh Offei-Akoto/2020

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