Tina Brown out with new song ‘Ginger’


Music of Thursday, 25 February 2021

Source: museafrica.com

Singer Tina Brown

Blessed with a magical voice, Ghanaian singer Tina Brown is out with a new single titled Ginger.

Like ‘Ginger’ the single is hot and spicy, as she channelled her inner Badgyal to deliver this dancehall jam.

Initially an assignment from her label boss William (Outspoken Music Group), Tina had to record the song twice as her first try was rejected.

“I wrote a first one, it had more of an R&B feel because I thought it could be much better if it had that slow romantic feel. I recorded it and sent it to Mr. Williams but he was like nope ‘this doesn’t seem like anyone wants some ginger. It’s sweet, I love it so much but I need something more ginger, so I recorded.”

The second time was the charm, as William finally felt the ginger he was yearning for.

Although Tina Brown wrote ‘Ginger’, she credits William as the brain behind the single, as he brought the idea of making music around ‘ginger’.

The idea came after he listened to Wizkid’s ginger featuring Burna Boy on audiomack. It struck him that his artist Tina Brown Africa could make a ginger song spicier than all that he listened to and she delivered just that.

“He told me that he was on Audiomack listening to Ginger by Wizkid featuring Burnaboy and he saw a couple of songs too titled Ginger. So he think I can come up with something better than those as he really liked how Africans use food ingredients for songs. I was like cool, I will work on it. So it was like a test from my boss (laughs), I needed to put in extra efforts for this,” Tina explained.

Ginger is a sexually charged anthem that elaborately describes the intimate moments couples share in the bedroom.

“She did it more like a woman wanting the man. I told her you have the ginger. You have the power,” said William.

The single was produced by YawBeatz, a producer Tina got to know through her resident producer Survivor beatz.

“My producer Survivor Beatz introduced YawBeatz to me. YawBeatz had already given me two beats to work on so when Mr. Williams told me to work on Ginger YawBeatz instantly came in mind because he has beats that can ginger. I linked up with him & he made the beat for me. At first I asked him to speed up the tempo as he advised 95 mid-tempo was suitable. But I said nooooo please speed it up a little (laughs). He did and I enjoyed it but when I was actually recording the song I realized he was actually right, the mid-tempo was more suitable and that’s it, not too fast not too slow and Ginger was recorded. Shouts to YawBeatz.”

Tina Brown Africa, Born Tina Brown in Surulere in Lagos State, Nigeria. She hail from Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana.

She is the newest, trailblazing Afro artist in Ghana and is poised to take the world by storm. Tina started singing early in her childhood. She found enjoyment in singing and performing in her school programs. She began professionally making music in 2018 directly after High School.

She is fluent and sings in English Yoruba (Nigeria), Twi (Ghana), and Ewe which is also a Ghana language spoken by the Volta Tribe (Togo). Her music spans the genres of Afropop, AfroBeats, and Afro-DanceHall.

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