Tips on how to avoid Ponzi schemes [Audio]


An investment advisor, Bubune Kofi Sorkpor, has been giving tips on how to avoid Ponzi schemes and make good investments.

He said before making any move, a person must research about the type of scheme he or she is interested in investing in to prevent pumping money into fraudulent schemes.

He gave the advice on the Citi Breakfast Show on Thursday as part of the on-air-series of the Citi Business Festival which is in its third week.

Mr. Sorkpor spoke on the topic: “How to avoid Ponzi scheme and the common mistakes investors make.”

Summarising his key investment tips, the business adviser gave listeners 6 tips on how to make good investments.

Click below to listen to the tips in full: 

Post source : Afua Mfodwo | | Ghana

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