Top 4 Most Educated Nollywood Stars No One Told You About

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There’s a wrong perception that actors don’t have any good educational background. In other words, they have not acquired almost the highest academic laurels, reason why they end up in the acting field.

This is not in any way to suggest that the acting scope is made of up failures- far from that but a lot of fans have no idea their favourite stars are highly educated.

Let’s introduce you to justfour of these Nollywood stars you never knew are intelligent and highly educated.

1. Jibola Dabo

Jibola Dabo is notoroiusly known for his potrayal of an occultist in movies. He graduated from the University of Lagos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Dabo after his education in Nigeria pursued further education in the United States of America for a Master’s Degree. He attended Columbia State University and eventually graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mass Media.

2. Femi Adabayo

The popular Yourba actor attended the University of Ilorin where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master of Arts (M. A) degree in Theatre Art.

3. Ufuoma Stacey McDermott

The tall and leegant Nollywood actor Ufuoma has a degree in French and has a Masters degree in Public and International Affairs, both from the prestigious University of Lagos.

4. Hafiz Oyetoro

The Nigerian comedian attended the Osun state University where he studied Theatre Arts and also earned a Master’s degree in Theatre Arts with a specialization in African Dance at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State.


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