Treat the youth like you do to your children- Rev Opuni Frimpong to politicians

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Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa has advised politicians to treat their followers especially the youth with respect they accord to their family members.

According to him, electoral violence is spearheaded by leaders of political parties and that he believes they do through various diabolic means.

To him, it’s imperative that respect is accorded to these followers because that is a recipe to avoid violence during elections.

“As young men have decided to willingly follow you and ensure that you win power, threat them like your children and family members. The same way you will not allow your family members to be hit with a stick in their heads same way you should prevent them from being hit with a stick in the head.”

The Former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana used the opportunity to call on all institutions involved in the election to ensure that the elections are free and fair so that violence does not erupt as a result.

Source: Offei-Akoto/2020

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