Use a condom because HIV is real- Blogger cursed by Medikal drops more secrets about bastard baby


Medikal Fella

Medikal is involved in somewhat a back and forth with a blogger he cursed for propagating lies about him expecting a bastard child.

The blogger has funned the fire even harder this time as he warned the rapper to not ask his unnamed to-be baby mama to abort the baby as a cover-up.

The rapper who hails from Sotuom before then came out to curse Cutie_Julls for trying to throw his home in tumult with lies about him having an extra-marital affair.

Medikal wrote on his Instagram story that Cutie_Julls would suffer a painful death for spewing lies about him.

Medikal curses blogger
Medikal curses blogger

Meanwhile, the influencer has poked back at the rapper insisting that Medikal’s actions were only to cover his tracks and affirmed his credibility by pointing out that she was one of the very first in the industry Fella’s childbirth.

Cutie_Julls added that if his post about Fella’s delivery is anything to go by, then her newest rumour should not be disregarded.

The blogger wrote, ”@amgmedikal, I wanted to ignore you but let me clear this. Just like the way your wife Fella ranted and blocked this account when we announced that she was pregnant, guess what? She gave birth and we all witnessed her childbirth to the glory of God.”

”Medikal, I don’t curse but at this point, we are only saying your words should manifest in your life if you as much try to let the innocent girl come close to abortion just to make this gist look otherwise. HIV is real. Bro, if you can’t cut down with the women, its fine cuz even David in the Bible had his way with his clique’s wife but please We love you so we are saying, Bra please eyaa use condom wai”, he wrote.


Medikal Cutie_Julls
Medikal Cutie_Julls

Cutie_Julls in his post cheekily advised Medikal to be more careful with women and to use a condom if he couldn’t stop sleeping around.

He added that Medikal should suffer the same fate in his own words if he attempts to abort the baby just to for vindication.

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