Veteran actors bemoan adult roles given to young ones


Entertainment of Sunday, 22 November 2020

Source: 3 News

Monica Quarcoopome and Leonora Buckman on Simply Showbiz

Some veteran actors have condemned the tendency by movie directors and producers to hand adult roles to young ones.

They said they are available to play those roles naturally instead of making young ones up to play those roles.

Speaking on Simply Showbiz on Saturday, November 21, two of these veteran actresses – Monica Quarcoopome and Leonora Buckman – said it is wrong to see directors and producers by-pass them with such roles and give them to the young ones.

“It’s just that they have ignored us,” actress Monica Quarcoopome said. “I don’t know what is happening now.”

“They won’t come to us, they won’t call us, they won’t say anything like they used to do when we were on the screens at that time and coming on and people were applauding and people were happy seeing us on the road.”

She continued: “Right now, when it got to a point they started using the young ones and they neglected [us].

“Trust me, you go back to our movies right now. Go back to say 10 years back, or 12 years back and you will see very young people.”

On her part, Leonora Buckman, who is also the President of Women in Arts, said the situation is so disgusting that you find an Akan playing the role of a Ga chief.

She said sometimes stakeholders take interest in them but for a short while and then they vanish into thin air.

Later speaking in a telephone interview on the show, veteran Grace Nortey, now 83, admitted, however, that she gets scripts for movie roles but her health does not permit her to take up those roles.

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