VIDEO: I am not an angel; I stink


The Founder and General Overseer of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (Action Chapel), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has reminded Christians to be humble and compassionate when God favours them instead of exhibiting arrogance and self-righteousness given that all human beings are mere sinners who stink and not angels.

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Speaking to his congregants recently, Archbishop Duncan
Williams exhorted his congregants to avoid every other sin but not just the
known ones such as sexual immorality, underscoring the point that all have
sinned and must avoid a posturing of sinlessness.

“Sometimes you need to paint things that graphic, you
need to be reminded that you stink. This “pepeepe” preaching where we
are becoming politically correct in the church is allowing people to fool
around and misbehave in the Church.

And it making people behave as if they have
“arrived” and they are angels. But they are no angels amongst us
including me.  There is no angel here. We
all stink”

So if God has given you a little grace and has favoured you and has shown you mercy, humble yourself and treat human beings as human beings and stop lifting your shoulders,” he admonished the congregation.

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Archbishop Duncan Williams in the sermon also added that no accomplishment whatsoever should lead Christians to think themselves holy and act as if they were over and above all other human beings, urging them to continue to acknowledge the grace of God in their lives. Zoure/2019

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