Video of Nigerian lady flogged by a soldier for dressing indecently

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Nigerian lady flogged by soldier

Footage from an incident where a Nigeria lady was pitilessly flogged on the streets by an army officer for indecent dressing has generated coversation on social media.

The lady in question is seen in the video seated on the floor and receiving strokes of whips on her butt from the soldier.

The excerpts have left Nigerian netizens, especially, disgusted by the human right abuse openly displayed.

A number of clueless onlookers were spotted at the scene witnessing the poor lady whipped like a bull on the streets.

The officer asks the lady to take her hand off her behind severally as he keeps on lashing her to the pulp.

Apparently, it is such abuse that culminated in the EndSars movement in Nigeria which has led to a number of protesters being gunned down by security officers.


Cybernauts who have chanced on the video have shared their opinion as most of them agree that it was a violation of the young lady’s rights.


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In another trending story, Felix Ofosu Kwakye, the former Deputy Information Minister under the NDC administration has been involved in a sex scandal with the wife-to-be of another man.

A video shared by the brother of the said lady’s boyfriend shows the politician involved in heated exchanges with him after he was allegedly caught in the lady’s room at 5 am.

The lady involved in the scandal has been identified as Dela and has been bethroted to an anonymous man who lives overseas.

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