Video Of Police Fiercely Training On How Deal With Dec 7th Ballot Box Snatchers Goes Viral

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Ghana Police Training session ahead of the upcoming December 7th election on how they will deal with thugs sent to take ballot boxes at any polling station exhibited in a new video.
A video has been fast trending on social media platforms that shows how Ghana Police is prepared to ensure peace and harmony before, during and after the election.

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In the video, which if not watched properly one would think it is real, thugs with guns arrived at a polling station and took away the ballot boxes.

Also they destroyed all properties at the station and even fired shoots in the air to cause fear and panic to people around.

The police then arrived at the scene with full vim and vigor and attacked, and caused their arrest and even shot one with the gun who tried to shot first. hope the police will do exactly as they have exhibited in the video and also to everyone paid by any political leader to cause a chaos at any polling station, the police is very ready to deal with everyone.

Watch the video below:

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