Video of Simi, Adekunle Gold and their daughter having a great time

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A video posted on Instagram by Nigerian singer and songwriter and husband of songstress Simisola ”Simi” Ogunleye, Adekunle Gold shows the couple having a good time with their daughter.

The celebrity couple who welcomed their daughter in May 2020, was seen sitting on a lawn in the middle of their home playing a Ludo game while Simi swung the adorable little girl around.

Simi then playfully, poked her husband on the forehead while singing along to her song playing in the background.

They both broke into laughter as they shared a beautiful family moment.

Simi’s ”Duduke” song which was inspired by her love for her daughter has almost become the theme song for all pregnant women in Ghana and Nigeria.


Simi and her husband Adekunle Gold got married in a private ceremony on Janury 10, 2019.

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