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We never caused the arrest of Chef Smith – Amadia Shopping Center

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David Caleb a communication member for Amadia Shopping Center has come out to dispel rumours that they arrested Chef Smith.

Days ago, Chef Smith organised a press conference to inform the country and the world that he is the new record holder for the longest cook-a-thon and presented his certificate.

Later it emerged that musician Nana Borro who runs Amedia Shopping Center on behalf of his sister has caused the arrest of Chef Smith for breaching their contract.

But in a new development, a communication team member of the shopping centre has explained what happened insisting that they never caused the arrest of the Chef.

According to him, Chef Smith was supposed to inform them about the outcome of his GWR attempt before going public because they were the main sponsors for the month-long cook-a-thon.

However, on Tuesday Chef Smith contacted him and told him that he had been declared the new GWR for the longest cook-a-thon by an individual.

He requested evidence to which Chef Smith sent him an image of his certificate but he told him he needed an email proof of Guinness declaring him as the new record holder he told him his phone had a problem and other issues.

Fast forward, he heard of the plans to hold a press conference so he informed Nana Borro and together they went to the venue intending to speak with Chef Smith but they were denied access despite telling them about the role they played during the cook-a-thon.

He went on to say the new managers of Chef Smith rather called the police on them which also got them angry and had to report the case to the La Police who came to the venue to invite Chef Smith for questioning.

Alleged Arrest

David went on to say that when they all got to the police station, the intention was for them to settle the issue amicably because the Amadia brand was at risk if Chef Smith was telling lies.

On why Chef Smith was detained at the Police station, David blamed the new manager of Chef saying that all they needed to do was to write down their statement for the police to conduct investigations.

However, when they were asked to write their statement Chef Smith’s manager told them they were waiting for their lawyer before they would write their statement.

After waiting for their lawyer for some time, he and Nana Borro left the police station and were later informed that the lawyer came between 9 pm to 10 pm by then no one was there to take their statement and that was the reason why Chef Smith had to spend the night at the police station.

David stressed that they(Amadia) never caused Chef Smith’s arrest but it was rather the words of his manager that kept him in police custody overnight.

Authencity of the GWR certificate

When questioned on the issue of the authenticity of the certificate provided by Chef Smith, David, mentioned that he couldn’t say if it was genuine or fake.

He stated that he had seen several messages from Guinness saying it was fake but Amadia is yet to sit with Chef Smith to hear from him where he got the certificate from until then he can’t say whether it was fake or original.

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