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Weed only boosts your confidence, train your voices – 2Lock (Nana Fynn) tells artistes

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Highlife star Nana Fynn now called 2Lock has disputed the notion that certain drugs can enhance vocal quality.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM on July 5, 2024, 2Lock urged artistes to train their voices to improve their vocal quality as weed does not improve one’s voice.

According to him, anyone who argues that weed improves one’s vocal quality is only saying “utter foolishness”.

“If you don’t train your voice, you can consume a sack of weed every day but still fail at singing,” he said.

That notwithstanding, the Santrofie hitmaker said, “Perhaps, some people use hard drugs to improve their confidence – and you know you need to be confident to sing. Some people lack that confidence and so, I don’t know, maybe taking in something gives them the vim to perform”.

Responding to some perceptions about a singer’s diet, the Highlife star said, “Bananas help clear one’s throat, especially of phlegms, greatly reducing vocal cracks”.

He disputed singers cannot drink chilled water, advising, however, “When you drink cold water, don’t talk or sing for 30 minutes to one hour else you’ll find it hard to project vocally while staying smooth”.

2Lock further asserted that the human voice gets better with age as compared to the human skin.

“I’ll say the voice gets even better with age. Unless you stop using the vocal cords or you stop singing.”

He posited “There’s a connection between your ear and your throat,” and this must be further connected to one’s brain, “else your singing will be messy because you cannot accurately express what you have in your mind”.


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