‘What Cecilia Marfo Did To Joyce Blessing Is Unchristian & Has Nothing To Do With Prophecy As She Wants To Portray’


Renowned Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Frank Adofoli has shared his thoughts about the Cecilia Marfo and Joyce Blessing matter.

It could be recalled that Cecilia made headlines with her actions over the weekend as she snatched a microphone from Joyce Blessing as she started ministering.

The issue has made headlines with many Ghanaians sharing their opinions to it. Sharing his thoughts, the renowned relationship coach stated that what Cecilia did is unchristian.

According to him, the act has nothing to do with prophecy as she wants to portray adding that a true follower of Christ won’t do what she did.

His post reads;

By Counselor Adofoli

What Cecilia Marfo did to her fellow musician and sister Joyce Blessing is unchristian and has nothing to do with prophecy as she wants to portray. A true follower of Christ won’t do what she did, she won’t bring God and the name of the church into disrepute. I thought she had learnt from the backlash of what she did to Bro Sammy in 2017 but its obvious the leopard never changes its spots.

A true prophet of God knows “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets” – 1 Corinthians 14:32 (MEV). The Message Bible puts it better “If you choose to speak, you’re also responsible for how and when you speak’. The office of the Prophet is a special one and people who operate in such office are full of wisdom. They know how to speak and when to speak. They know messages which are for personal consumption and those for the public.

Especially when it comes to the issue of Marriage and Divorce, very mature Christians understand its a personal and private affair, that is why Moses had to ask those who wanted to divorce their wives to write a letter stating their reason. He understood it was not for public consumption.
In our modern world, when divorce cases or marital issues are held in a court of law, it’s done under closed doors because its private and not for public consumption. When God sent Prophet Nathan to David on his extra marital affairs, he did that with wisdom, he spoke to him in proverbs and also alone, not in public.

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints” – 1 Corinthians 14:33 (MEV). God is a God of order. He doesn’t like disorder or distress. He rather likes harmony. I see no reason why saints have gathered to give thanks to God, and He will use the same stage for disruption like Cecilia Marfo did to Joyce Blessing in the name of prophesying. If she heard from God, she also has the power over how to go about it in a way that brings peace, unity, comfort. If that was done, the management of Joyce Blessing won’t feel humiliated and demand an apology from the management of the Unity Group of Companies at whose event this drama occurred.

How urgent was the prophesy, that Cecilia Marfo could not wait for Joyce Blessing to finish with the song ministration, but she had to rush and snatch her microphone? It was like Joyce was committing an abomination and Cecilia had to prevent that. Some people believe those who divorce are cursed and are not supposed to hold any position in the church, not to minister or stand behind the pulpit. We have people who call themselves Christians with such unfortunate mentality.
Those who hold strong views against Divorce do not know it was a senior Prophet of God, a senior man of God, the one God gave the ten commandments to, who passed the law of Divorce. He did that to protect those who were going through hurt, violence all in the name of marriage. Their spouse became heatless, cruel.

When God says He hates Divorce, that is not the same as hating Divorcees. “For I hate divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “and him who covers his garment with wrong and violence,” says the Lord of hosts. “Therefore keep watch on your spirit, so that you do not deal treacherously [with your wife]” – Malachi 2:16 (AMP). Divorce is painful; living in a marriage with a heartless person or a spouse who has become cruel or unwilling to make the marriage work causes more pains.

Instead of helping people with the right knowledge about marriage, we rather push them into marriage without proper knowledge and when they complain things are not working, we tell them “that is how marriage is”. If marriage is full of pain them stop pushing people into it if you love them. And if they are already married and want to leave, help them with the right knowledge instead of forcing two people who cannot live together in peace and harmony in marriage under the disguise of “God hates divorce”.

God hates the pains people go through in the name of marriage; God hates the idea of pushing people into marrying wrongly. And if they survive the pains of divorce, don’t mock them, don’t hate them. If the people of God cannot love them then they are a bundle of hypocrites parading themselves as Christians; sheep in wolves’ clothing.

In conclusion, “But if a person isn’t loving and kind, it shows that he doesn’t know God—for God is love” – Malachi 2:16 (TLB).”

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