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Who is Kwaku Ananse? A portrait of the host of Friends Zone on eTV

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Kwaku Ananse is a director, script writer, actor and now the host of Friends Zone – a new thrilling game show on e.tv Ghana.

Known in real-life as Ampong Kwaku Kwakye, Kwaku Ananse started his career as a professional media personality right after university in 2017 with a stage play titled: ‘The Adventures of Sasa and Esi’ at the National Theatre, where he played the lead role.

There, he met a Nigerian actor named Sammy Perry, who is now popularly known as Broda Shaggy. He convinced Kwaku Ananse into doing his first skit. After producing 9 subsequent skits, he was invited to star in a professional skit in Winneba.

After its success, the team realised the skit could have more storylines, and it metamorphosed into the popular  ‘Ballop’ comedy series – Kwaku Ananse’s first official television and web series. “That is where I picked up a few things about directing and cinematography. From then on, I was able to blend my theatre background with film to direct four more television series as well as music videos, two television shows, documentaries and many more.”

With his educational background and scope of work, Kwaku Ananse does not think there is going to be a change in career along the line.

Ampong Kwaku Kwakye refers to himself as a performer. He is known for the roles he plays in most television series as a funny character; and he also describes himself to be affable, funny, and a very good listener. However, he acts with the seriousness required to execute every set goal in life. Most importantly, he likes creating opportunities for himself. He is motivated by his dreams and his gradual achievements in life.

The performer grew up in a family of 16 siblings. He spent most of his adult days away from home as he preferred making an impact externally, and report the success home. He believes that this mentality is due to the competitive climate of being in a family of 16 siblings. Kweku Ananse is single and has no kids.

He describes himself as an introvert who likes to keep a close circle of friends who share the same dream and motivate him.
As a producer and co-CEO of Kornerstones Productions, Kweku Ananse believes in motivating and uplifting subordinates in a very cooperative way. He believes if subordinates are comfortable and able to better themselves, their loyalty and work rate will not wane because as a theatre artist, effective collaboration is the foundation on which projects are built.

In the next five years, he wants to see all angles of his abilities being utilised to its fullest, and his company being one of the go-to companies for quality media content.
There is quite some attention that comes with the job, but the performer handles it with the notion that he is not only doing what he is doing for himself, but for everyone who enjoys his content. So, when the attention comes, he embraces it.

Kwakye has many TV series, music videos, documentaries and plays that have his name on them as producer after entering the media field in the last four years. He is satisfied when he sees his contents airing on TV.

He has produced shows that have aired on e.TV Ghana, Joy Prime, GHOne, Angel TV, Kantanka TV, Awake TV, online platforms and many other avenues. The media consultant takes pride in them all; however, his biggest achievement is being the only young Director to come up with a blockbuster television series called ‘The Unit X’, set to air on e.TV. Ghana

He is a product of Odorgonno Senior High School with a First-Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Education, Winneba, and currently pursuing his second degree as a Master of Philosophy in Arts and Culture in the same university.

The Friends Zone Host is a Christian with a newfound love and dedication for his spirituality. In his leisure time, he likes to watch old movies and television series. His favourite food is fufu with groundnut soup. Every minute that he spends on set creating content has become a favourite pastime for him.

The values that Kwaku Ananse finds to be the most important are honesty and dedication to a cause, with the aim of achieving the goal regardless of the odds. As a content producer, he defines his satisfaction by the satisfaction of his audience and clients – If they are happy, he calls it a success.

Kwaku Ananse’s advice to young people is to always try and create opportunities for themselves, no matter how small, because out of a created opportunity comes an interested person, and that leads to the creation of connections.

For the rest of the year, it is the host’s hope and expectation that all his content, including the show ‘Friend Zone’, will make huge waves on the screens of the Ghanaian audience. He expects satisfaction at the end of every hour that an audience consumes his content.

Friends Zone is a 60 point game show that seeks to give friends the opportunity to show the depth of their friendship and get the chance to win a whopping GH¢2,000. The show premiered on January 7, 2023, airs every Saturday at 8:00 pm and a repeats on Sunday at 10:00pm.

Friends Zone, feel the fun!

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