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Why The Kelce Brothers Are Taking a Break From ‘New Heights’ Podcast – Hollywood Life

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Jason and Travis Kelce (Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
Image Credit: Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Only one brother has retired from the NFL, and with their podcast centered around the brother-duo dynamic, New Heights will have to take a brief timeout.

Travis Kelce, 34, and Jason Kelce, 36, shared news of the break on Wednesday during their Season 2 finale episode. No one is quitting the podcast. And the brothers are planning on returning as soon as possible.

The brothers previously talked about why they started the podcast and how it is has been a wonderful journey to be on together. “We just started off by wanting to showcase our brotherhood and our similarities knowing that we’re really two different walks of life.”

So, Why Are They Taking a Break From Their Podcast?

Travis Kelce is still the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and despite becoming the tight end in our hearts due to his active player status, he must be fully available for the Chiefs’ training camp this summer.

When Will Jason and Travis Kelce Resume Their Podcast?

Jason noted that the siblings will have “a nice couple months off from podcasting” this summer as Travis officially kicks off training camp. “Let me tell ya, not enough time to do a podcast [in training camp],” Jason said. “Especially the best podcast in the world.”

Travis added, “I’m down to pick it up once we’re done with training camp.”

After consulting with the podcast’s producer, Jason mentioned that the end of August could be a possibility.

What can fans expect in the meantime?

Even though they won’t be actively recording new material over the next couple of months, the brothers communicated that they won’t go silent on fans. In the meantime, Jason teased that fans should keep an eye on the podcast’s social media channels because they’ll be updating them and possibly drop never-before-seen footage of the show.

“That’s terrifying if you ask me,” Travis quipped. “But should be entertainment, nonetheless.”

And while Travis is gearing up for training camp, Jason is preparing to join ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown after retiring from the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this year.

Ultimately, a break can be a good thing, especially if you want to reflect on what has been accomplished and what they can change. Jason, who retired from the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this year, added that they are always “coachable.” “Anything you guys have that you think would make the show better … send it over, you know what I mean?”

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