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Wife and daughter of Mr Ibu ‘fight’ over donations

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The wife of Mr Ibu, Stella Maris Okafor has called out Jasmine Chioma Okafor, who is Ibu’s adopted daughter for peddling lies against her person.

On her Instagram page recently, Stella responded to allegations that she is trying to divert the money donated for Mr Ibu’s treatment to fund her lavish lifestyle.

Stella Maris accused Jasmine of being behind the spreading of the negative news and for making her an “outsider” in her own home.

She called Jasmine a “complete stranger,” an “imposter,” and questioned her “excessive interference” in her own home.

Ibu’s wife also alleged that Jasmine is the one secretly controlling Mr Ibu’s main bank account.

She added that Jasmine’s “campaign of calumny” against her began when she asked for her husband’s statement of account after she noticed “some funny attitudes and movements, especially by Jasmine.”

“I only asked for transparency in the handling of public donations, instead of secrecy and hell was let loose,..To date, I have no idea about the status of that account. Very strange.”

 This comes just months after Stella Maris publicly disclosed that Jasmine is not Ibu’s biological daughter


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