Woman Found Guilty And Sentenced Of Human Trafficking In Cape Town.


Camilla de Waal Rossouw, a 32 year old woman has been handed a 10 year sentence on Friday at the High Court after being found guilty of human trafficking.

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She was guilty to an array of 11 charges including:

  1. kidnapping a minor,
  2. trafficking in person for s.e.xual purposes,
  3. assault,
  4. keeping of a brothel,
  5. living on the proceeds of pr0stitution, and
  6. extortion involving more than R3 million.

“This is also a milestone case of [a] trafficking in persons conviction that includes [the] Prevention of Organised Crime Act as she was also charged with racketeering along [with] several other suspects,” Hawks spokesperson Zinzi Hani added.

source: www.ghgossip.com

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