You can’t redefine who a Ghanaian is

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Chief Scribe of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia has stated that it is not within the purview of the Electoral Commission (EC) to redefine who a Ghanaian is.

He argues that the 1992 constitution makes it explicitly clear who is qualified to be a Ghanaian and who is not wondering why the EC will in its quest to  compile a new voters’ register establish its own set of laws in variance with the constitution.

“You have no right to make new laws to determine who is  a Ghanaian because the constitution clearly defines who a Ghanaian is and not the Electoral Commission”, he  disclosed  to the press while leading a delegation  of the Inter Party Resistance Against Compilation of New Voter Register in the Ahafo Region.

According to him,  though the EC is an independent body,  it does not have absolute power to do whatever it wants, adding that Ghanaians can still position the commission in the right path if they find any breach of the constitution. 

“We are not going contrarily to tell the EC to do something else, we are only telling them to do exactly what the constitution has said. Their work according to the constitution is to compile names of people who are Ghanaians, who are of sound mind, and are 18 years and above. Therefore, all arrangements by EC to compile voter registration should only prevent mad persons, minors or non Ghanaian citizens, apart from these three categories of people, there is no grounds to disqualify someone getting onto the register”. He advised.

He also accused the EC Chairperson Madam Jean Mensa of  not being a trustworthy individual hence Ghanaians must be very careful in dealing with her at any point in time.

Source: Zoure/2020

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