You should never act when angry- Gospel artist Adwoa Arthur explains


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It is our hope to be at peace with everyone. Yet, anger is causing a lot of destruction and problems in our communities. Family and friends are being separated as a result of anger.

Anger is now ruining our well being or prosperity. If not checked, we will never be at peace with each other.

Notably, anger is very common in our homes, schools, workplaces, and even places of worship. The power of anger negatively influences peace at these places where we are supposed to live harmoniously.

As a result of anger, we see no progression in our daily lives and activities. Any gender of humans, both young and old can get angry at any time because it is a natural emotion. Anger is a natural emotion but we have the power to control it. No matter the degree of our anger, we still have the power to control it.

But if we fail to control it, things may be destroyed. This was how a landlord ended up on a death row sentence due to anger.

There was a man who owned an apartment. He rented part of it to a tenant. The tenant was married and had two children. Since the landlord did not give them any rigid instructions as to how they should live in the house, this noble family lived happily until one day something strange happened.

One morning, the landlord did not drive his car to work as usual because it had an engine problem. He parked the car at the house and called his mechanic to come home and check it out. The mechanic promised to come the next morning.

Whiles the landlord was off to work, a mad man chased a young boy who was going to school and he rushed into the house for help. As no one was outside to rescue him at that very moment, the student decided to enter the landlord’s car for safety and locked the doors.

As the mad man couldn’t open the door he picked a metal bar from the ground and broke the windshield of the landlord’s car to catch the boy. The family of the tenant heard the scream of the boy and they came to his rescue.

In the evening when the landlord returned from work to see his windshield broken, he did not take heart at all. He went straight to the tenant because he thought the tenant’s children damaged it in the course of their play.

The tenant saw that the landlord was highly flamed so he started pleading that he should calm down and that he could explain how it really happened. The landlord was so angry that what the tenant was saying was not listened to.

The landlord turned very angry and commented that it was a planned thing that they have come to destroy him and his properties because they have not been able to achieve such wealth so out of jealousy they want to bring him down. He quickly pulled a gun from his briefcase and shot the tenant. The father of this poor family died instantly before help could reach him.

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Those who came to the scene reported the case to the police. The landlord was later charged with murder and was given a death sentence – death row.

Obviously, the landlord could have listened to the tenant but he was controlled by anger which led him to take the life an innocent man. Anger has no positive outcome other than destruction. Anger comes with regret so never talk or act when angry, else you will make the worst moves you will live to regret.

Be calm whenever angry. It is always good to remain silent and calm whenever angry. In times of anger, think about your actions and listen to others for a while before you act.

The landlord’s experience is clear evidence that there is no positive outcome of anger. Let’s all try our possible best to control and conquer anger, for it is only through this that peace and love can reign among us in our communities.

James 1:19-20
“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

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