Young Inventor from Tanzania tells how Apostle Safo inspired him to build Cars & Airplane Prototypes (Video)

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Talented and creative young Inventor from Tanzania, in the Eastern part of Africa, known as MORISON MOSSES JUMANNE MZEE a.k.a CHIEF MORISON, has made his country proud by building cars and airplanes Prototypes.

In a exclusive video already trending on Social Media monitored by, was seen the young Inventor showing up his creativity at the Tanzania National Exhibition Trade Faire.

According to him, he got inspiration from Emeritus Prof. Dr. Kwadwo Safo, who is the Founder and leader of Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, as well as the chairman of Kantanka Group of Companies.

In an interview with Ebo Safo, he further made it known that, he really needs lot of financial support, for his dreams of building more machines will be realised.

He added that, his cars and aeroplanes Prototypes built in Tanzania is a way of Blending science and technology at his early stage, to help use Science and technology to solve lot of problems in the society.

Check out full video below:

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