Young man eats Banku and ‘coke’ after getting a broken heart from his girlfriend

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A viral video on trend captures a young man weeping bitterly after his longtime girlfriend broke his heart.

The reason for his girlfriend sudden break in the relationship according to the young man is something he’s yet to find out.

It’s heard in the videotape by the broken heart guy that “he saw another guy in the room of his lady whiles on a video call with her”.

Per his description of the other guy he saw, he’s way below standard. Out of shock and frustration, he[broken heart guy] opted to eat Banku and drink Coca Cola at the same time.


This issue reminds us of Nanaa Ama and Sammy of KNUST. A young KNUST student got his heart ripped by Nana Ama, the love of his life after he was caught cheating.

A video of him[Sammy] bitterly weeping over the breakup with his girlfriend went viral across all social media platforms.

Readers can recall, Sammy smashing his phone and breaking it apart because Nana Ama called off the relationship.

Their hilarious breakup story brought about the most popular catchphrase “The Past is not the Present”.

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