You’re goofing too much lately


Minister of Communications Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has praised the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) having conducted the best voter registration exercise ever while calling out naysaying, doom-mongering academics, neutrals and CSOs for having predicted doom before the EC went ahead with the exercise.

She lauded the EC for having been transparent by publishing daily updates of its data with Ghanaians while the registration went on, adding that posterity will judge the commission very favorably.

Ms Owusu-Ekuful then wondered whether persons and organizations that predicted doom if the EC went ahead with the registration amid the COVID-19 pandemic would admit they got it wrong, noting that some of them were goofing too much about matters they knew very little about.

“Eeiii queuing theory tanked!!!!

“Kudos to the Jean Mensa led EC for the best registration exercise ever, especially the data generated and transparently shared daily with all Ghanaians. Posterity will judge you very favorably. Well done!!

Where are the naysaying, doom mongering academics, ‘neutrals’ and CSOs? What happened to the expert models which predicted our collective death from Covid if the registration exercise went on??? Can we hear from them now please? Will they be modest enough to admit that they MAY have got it wrong??  For some of them who shall remain nameless, they are goofing too much lately and might want to hesitate a bit before sharing their ‘expert’ opinions on matters they know very little about. Ma no at)!! “She wrote on social media.

Before the EC embarked upon the voter registration exercise, some persons and organizations had warned against it, citing among others the risk posed by COVID-19. But the EC said that it had put all measures in place to ensure that registrants were safe.

 Others, notably the Inter-Party Resistance Against the New Voters Register, organised demonstrations against the compilation of the register, but the EC insisted.

The exercise began on the 30th of June and ended on 6th August 2020. At the end over 16.6 million Ghanaians have been registered. A mop-up exercise is scheduled from 8th to 10 August to offer the opportunity to those who couldn’t register to do so. Zoure/2020

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