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Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has finally responded to the former President on his comments about the Airbus scandal in the Agyapa Royalties review report.

Former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama is on record to have called on the Special Prosecutor to investigate him if he has evidence of any wrongdoing in on him the Airbus scandal.

“They say investigate Agyapa, so present a report on Agyapa. If you have investigated Airbus present a report on Airbus.

“In the Agyapa report, you know that it is going to be damning of this government and so you go and put one paragraph there about airbus. Nobody asked you about Airbus.

“If you were man enough present Agyapa and do a report on Airbus separately and then I will come and answer you on Airbus. If you think I am indicted on accusing me directly.

“But because he is a coward and they knew Agyapa was going to be discussed today so he put a paragraph on Airbus to equalize the discussion. what stupidity is this?”

He added “The point is you say I am the leader of a political party and I am also saying if you have a legal basis for investigating me go ahead and investigate me.

“There has been a DPA, you are not a party to it, you don’t know who is involved in it they have identified some people in it.

“You don’t have an authenticated agreement from SFO or from whoever is involved in it and you say ‘I surmise that Government Official One is this person or that person. On what legal basis are you proceeding?”

But in a response addressing the former President, Martin Amidu said “The long public service of the Special Prosecutor spanning various aspects of security and intelligence from the period of 1982 to 7th January 2001 and July 2009 to January 2012 makes him more experienced in determining when it is not conducive to the national security interest to foolhardily take certain law and order actions. The Special Prosecutor owes that exercise of discretion to his vast experience over the years, his responsibility to maintain national stability and his conscience as a patriotic anti-corruption crusading Ghanaian.”

Adding: “there is no question of stupidity or cowardice about it. Any person aspiring to be President of Ghana for a second term who does not know that a cardinal principle in security and intelligence is that “caution is the better part of valour” was not and is not worth the vote.”,  he said.

Source: Ayeh offei-Akoto/2020

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