Youth asked to show interest in happenings around them

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Social Violence Extremism
Violence Extremism

Mr Caleb Kponor, the Volta Regional Director for National Commission for Civic Education ( NCCE), has asked the youth to show interest in developments and activities in their neighbourhood to forestall troubles for their safety.

He said youths needed to be concerned about new people they see in their communities and find out their motive for joining the community.

Mr Caleb Kponor, who was speaking at a youth Activism workshop organised by the National Commission for Civic Education said the youth should be advised against violence extremism since it had been on the increase in neighbouring countries.

“We need to prepare the youths to realise the need for unity and togetherness so that we can fight against violence extremism in our country,” he said.

He also added that some societies and groups sponsor activities of violence extremism adding that, “if we prepare the mindset of the youth, they can easily identify and ignore violence extremism when they are introduced to it”.

The Volta Regional Director for National Commission for Civic Education, asked drivers and landlords to be vigilant with the kind of persons they accept in their cars and homes since accepting anyone without background checks could lead to accepting bad people and introducing them into the community.

“Landlords and Drivers should not only be concerned about the money they will gain but also invest some time to find out if they are lending their facilities to the right people and also if those joining their cars do not have any ulterior motive,” he said.

The Ho Municipal Director of National Commission for Civic Education, Mr. Setrakor Dada Kumah
d that though citizens have the right to exercise their displeasure through the court or demonstrations, it should be done judiciously not to cause mayhem.

The representative from the National Security Council, Mr Thomas Adongo also attributed unemployment, hunger for power, and money as some of the causes of extremism.

He asked the youth to be vigilant and not to fall prey to any temptation that would lead them to cause problems for themselves and the peaceful country we have.

Some of the youths who talked to the Ghana News Agency applauded the NCCE for enlightenment and promised to be good ambassadors in their communities.

The workshop would be carried out in all the districts under the theme of secessionism and violence extremism.

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