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A lot of game boys used Hajia4reall’s photos to scam white men – Showboy

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Co-founder of AMG Business Showboy real name Sam Safo Jnr has opened up about some game boys aka fraud boys using Hajia4Reall‘s photos to scam white men.

According to Showboy, Hajia4Real is paying for the sins of other people because she is not guilty as some people are made to believe.

Readers are fully aware of the fact that Hajia4reall is currently in the United States facing fraud charges levelled against her and could spend long years behind bars when found guilty.

But Showboy who recently got released from prison in the US claims to know more about the situation and can say that the socialite turned musician is innocent.

He mentioned that the majority of the boys in the game used Hajia4Real’s pictures to deceive unsuspecting clients and this has made the case more complicated.

“As a street boy, I know people are using Hajia4Reall’s picture to browse (scam people). Plenty of guys used her pictures to make money and she doesn’t even know anything about it. That one alone has given her a big case. She is pretty and everything pretty online is used by people to make money. I was pained when I heard about her case because it looked complicated. Because I know a lot of things and I can’t speak on it. The girl had a bright future,” he stated in a video captured on Snapchat.

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