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African Games Performance Review: Stonebwoy & Wiyaala

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Battle of the Stars: Stonebwoy vs. Wiyaala — Who Lit Up the Africa Games Stage?

In the wake of the electrifying closing ceremony at the Africa Games in Accra, Ghana, the nation buzzes with opinions on who truly stole the spotlight. Was it the powerhouse performer Wiyaala or the fiery Stonebwoy? Let’s delve into the fray and dissect their performances for a fair and balanced review.

Vocal Performance: Wiyaala emerges as a vocal virtuoso, praised for her dynamic range, emotive delivery, and a distinct African flair that captivates hearts far and wide. Her seamless transitions from punchy rap to operatic melodies showcase a versatility that’s hard to beat. Meanwhile, Stonebwoy’s energetic shouts pack a punch but lack the finesse and range of his counterpart, leaving his performance somewhat one-dimensional. Scores: Wiyaala 8/10, Stonebwoy 5/10

Stagecraft: While Stonebwoy commands the stage with vigour, his lack of coordinated dance moves leaves much to be desired. In contrast, Wiyaala dazzles as the complete package, effortlessly blending song and dance with athletic prowess and meticulous choreography. Her ability to synchronize with her dancers elevates her performance to a whole new level, setting a standard worth aspiring to. Scores: Wiyaala 7/10, Stonebwoy 5/10

Costume: Wiyaala’s bold fashion statement, featuring traditional African attire adorned with intricate accessories, screams cultural pride and originality. On the flip side, Stonebwoy’s choice of attire falls flat, resembling more of a cocktail waiter in a Jamaican resort than a representative of Ghanaian or African heritage. The contrast speaks volumes about their commitment to their roots and identity. Scores: Wiyaala 8/10, Stonebwoy 3/10

Content: In a celebration of African excellence, Wiyaala’s socially conscious lyrics resonate deeply, encapsulating the spirit of Pan-Africanism and unity. Her song “Africa” serves as a poignant reminder of the continent’s beauty and struggles, delivering a message that transcends borders. Conversely, Stonebwoy’s medley fails to reflect the event’s theme, offering catchy tunes devoid of any meaningful connection to Africa. The disparity in substance is glaring, further highlighting Wiyaala’s thematic resonance. Scores: Wiyaala 9/10, Stonebwoy 2/10

Final Verdict: With a commanding lead in every aspect, Wiyaala emerges as the undisputed champion of the Africa Games stage. Her blend of talent, authenticity, and meaningful content sets a precedent for future performers to aspire to. Meanwhile, Stonebwoy’s performance, while energetic, falls short in capturing the essence of the event and connecting with the audience on a deeper level. In the battle of the stars, Wiyaala shines bright, leaving a lasting impression that reverberates far beyond the confines of the stadium. Final Scores: Wiyaala 32/40, Stonebwoy 12/40

Watch Wiyaala’s and Stonebwoy’s full performances and leave your comments below:

Wiyaala: https://youtu.be/cDOTJkstyw8?si=FvqWmJQDo4TqrDbi&t=14

Stonebwoy: https://youtu.be/WbXlVjklycU?si=1RMh2L1LhOy5fbe5&t=2

Story by: Caroline Mensah

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