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Any president that will try to fight corruption will die in 2 weeks – Okyeame Kwame

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Hiplife icon, Okyeame Kwame is suggesting that the solution to Ghana’s challenges lies in influencing the mindset of the next generation.

According to him, the current political system is deeply rooted in corruption, which makes significant change seem unachievable.

The rap legend expressed doubt about any leader who attempts to bring about substantial reforms, as they would face severe consequences, including risking their life due to the prevalence of corruption.

“NDC/NPP cannot help Ghana; family is what can help Ghana. The problem affecting us as a people is a problem of the mind. The corrupt system cannot fix itself; it makes a lot of people rich and happy. If a president wants to come and fight corruption in the country right now, he will be dead in 2 weeks. It’s not about pay; it’s not about money; it’s about morality,” he said

Okyeame Kwame believes that the mindset of the current generation causes corruption in Ghana and suggests that the best way to tackle the issue is to instil a culture of integrity in the youth from an early age.

“The politician was put in power by you and me; they are a representation of us, so if they are corrupt, it shows that you are corrupt. I agree that politicians are causing problems, but as you fight the politicians, train your child not to think like a politician. My vision is that we train our children to be incorruptible so that they will grow up and do away with this corrupt system. That is the only way I think Ghana would develop. Let us focus on training the young ones now,” he emphasized.

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