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Fadda Dickson sacked me when I went to beg for his forgiveness – Funny Face (PHOTO)

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Funny Face has stated that his attempt to make amends with Fada Dickson didn’t yield any positive results and he was thrown out with Fadda Dickson making it clear he wants nothing to do with the comedian anymore

The comedian attacked, insulted and denigrated his biggest benefactors, Fadda Dickson, Bola Ray and Emmanel Adebayor during his last relapse.

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According to Funny Face, since receiving treatment and getting his life back on track, he has managed to apologise to Bola Ray and Adebayor who have forgiven him but Fadda Dickson has refused to entertain even his presence.

Funny Face said his attempt to meet the Despite Media boss ended up with him getting sacked.

Funny Face also revealed that despite getting well, some Ghanaian celebrities are attempting to get him blackballed and stop brands from helping him out.

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