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‘Foolish girl; I can be rough and smooth!’ – Criss Waddle threatens TV presenter

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A TV presenter, Natalia Andoh, has triggered the nerves of Chriss Waddle after she asked if the AMG boss is truly a rapper.

The question, ‘Is Chriss Waddle a rapper,’ has caused the ‘P3 Kakra’ hitmaker to consistently vent on Twitter.

In an entertainment show discussion on SUN UP TV, issues pertaining to Chriss Waddle popped up and the host, Natalia asked, “But is Chriss Waddle a rapper?

“I am asking innocently because I don’t know. The last time I ever heard him do anything was when I think he had a song with Stonebwoy on it.”

Her comments infuriated Chriss Waddle so much that he stormed Twitter with a series of backlashes.

Waddle retweeted an old random post by Natalia and responded,

“You realized nobody replied when you texted this right? You are not an important personality in normal life and in the industry so learn to respect those of us that has aletse (Tinny) respect for you ok? foolish girl.

“Foolish girl, u think am a person you can play with. Go ask those that came before you, I can be ruff and smooth!”

A fan took to the comments section and pleaded with Chriss Waddle to ceasefire.

To him, Waddle shouldn’t have responded to the lady, whom he described as a ‘mere presenter,’ to which the rapper responded,

“Exactly why people always wanna downplay my name cus they know they can get away with it, if not nanka how this animal fit wake me up a Lion in his sleep.”

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