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Ghana to host 2024 Global Citizen Festival

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Just over a month following Kendrick Lamar’s headline performance at an event for Global Citizen’s Move Afrika campaign, the initiative is set to broaden its scope to include West Africa in 2024 with Ghana joining Rwanda as a host nation for a 2024 concert event.

Global Citizen’s commitment to driving economic investment, job creation, and supporting entrepreneurship in each host country through a music tour is commendable.

The collaboration with Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo and PGLang adds a significant dimension to the event, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in addressing global issues. Move Afrika’s goal of promoting social justice and equity in Africa aligns with Global Citizen’s broader mission to end extreme poverty worldwide.

The history of the Global Citizen Festival, which began in 2012 in New York, reflects the organization’s dedication to mobilizing people to take action in support of ending extreme poverty.

The festival has evolved over the years, with events now closely aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end global poverty by 2030.

The success of the Global Citizen Festival held in Ghana in 2022, featuring performances from both local and international artists, demonstrates the potential for impactful cultural exchange and collaboration.

The positive reception and admiration for the event’s production quality suggest that there’s a hunger for such experiences, and it’s encouraging to see Ghanaians urging local event organizers to draw inspiration from these global initiatives.

As Move Afrika unfolds, it has the potential to not only provide memorable entertainment but also contribute to meaningful social and economic impact in the host countries.

It’s an excellent opportunity for Ghanaians and Rwandans to engage with global issues and celebrate the power of music and advocacy to drive positive change.

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