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Givers Herbal CEO pays Great Ampong ‘big money’ to end beef with Daddy Lumba

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Dr. Solomon Kwabi, CEO of Givers Herbal Centre, has resolved the misunderstandings between gospel musician Isiah Ampong and highlife legend Daddy Lumba.

As part of resolving the long-standing feud, the CEO of Givers Herbal Centre made an undisclosed cash donation to Ampong.

The beef between the two music giants has existed since 2018, but it was the release of a song by Daddy Lumba titled Ofon Na Edi Nsem Fo’ that reignited the feud.

Owing to the content of the song, ‘Ofon Na Edi Nsem Fo’, which was accompanied by a stern warning to a detractor, a section of the public claimed that Lumba’s song was indeed targeted at someone.

“That useless individual, I am not done dealing with him,” Daddy Lumba said while unveiling the song on DL FM in December 2022.

The development resuscitated his longstanding beef with gospel singer, Isaiah Ampong, who says the diss song was directed at him and has responded with a song “Onyame Akatua”. Both have denied targeting each other though.

Dr Kwabi told journalists in an interview that, it is time for the longstanding beef to come to an end, hence his decision to smoke a peace pipe between them.

“I have a good relationship with both Daddy Lumba and Ampong and the beef between them is not helpful for the music industry, so I decided to intervene to make peace prevail.”

According to the Founder of Givers Herbal Centre, he has made some cash donations to Ampong to cushion him as part of the peace process, especially when he (Ampong) continues to express anger over some GHC 360,000 proceeds from an album launch which he alleged that, Lumba pocketed the money.

He was happy that Ampong accepted the offer and promised to end his beef with the highlife legend, Daddy Lumba.

On his part, Ampong commended the CEO of Givers Herbal Centre for showing interest in resolving the beef, assuring that, he will never hit hard on Daddy Lumba again.

“Some big personalities in the country including my pastors from the SDA Church have all spoken to me, in addition to the big role that has been played by Dr Kwabi of Givers Herbal Centre and I really appreciate it”, he added.







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