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Gospel singer Keziah releases new single ‘Lift Our Hands’

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Gospel musician and worship leader Keziah Ofori Twumasi Biney has released of her newest single dubbed “Lift Our Hands”.

Crooned in a slow tempo, the song extols the holiness of God and talks about the essence of praising Him.

Keziah’s acclaimed vocals, combined with evocative lyrics, create a profound experience of introspection and connection with the divine for the audience.

”Lift Our Hands” is expected to catch the public domain like conflagration and transcend borders.

Watch the video below

About Keziah

Keziah grew up in the port city of Takoradi. The spiritual inclination of her parents brewed within her a deep consciousness of the presence and activities of the Holy Spirit as early as 3 years old.

Worship was a household thing, so it followed naturally when with her 3 Sisters her father formed the musical group popularly known as the Virgins of Sharon, the 1st ever youth group In the early ’80 And marked the beginning of her spiritual & musical journey

Her father, the late Bishop Reginald Ofori Twumasi the renowned founder of Holyfire Revival Ministries International, was a pioneer in leading a Revival in the Western Region through Evangelism, Crusades and unforgettable demonstrations of power, healing and deliverances in his ministry.

Witnessing this from such a young age, gave Keziah a keen sense of what worship is capable of accomplishing in spiritual warfare, forging her interpretation of music and how it must be conducted.

She would go on to pursue her professional career in the United States yet always remained true to music’s spiritual relevance. While in the States, she dabbled in law before deciding to settle in dentistry.

Throughout her educational and professional journey, she endeavoured to co-pastor with her husband Rev. Carlis Biney.

Together, they travelled the world preaching and evangelising, a calling Keziah still holds dear to her heart to this day. Although time was a scarce commodity, Keziah diligently kept at music in recognition of its unique ability to reach and save souls.

She continued to write music and produce unpublished albums while appearing in many live performances.

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