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Business tycoon in Novrongo to bury late father in a car [Video]

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A business tycoon Norbert Atodio has sent Navrongo in the Upper East Region in a state of shock following his preparations to bury his late father, Asoki Atodio in a Toyota Corolla.

He personally confirmed the rumor in a video while displaying the features of the vehicle which is white in colour.

Revealing the motive behind his astonishing decision, Norbert explained that burying his late father  in a car is a distinct way of honouring him since he had a very close correlation.

Preparations are very far advanced for the unique interment of Mr Atodio father at his hometown of Doba in the Kassena Nankana Municipality even as the controversy rages on.

In a video posted by Senyalah Castro Cazo, a journalist who hails from the area, the man explained that he will among other things make the grave of his late father a tourist attraction in the region.

This he added by constructing a water fountain to ensure that people from outside the region visit the graveside of his late father to honour him and see for themselves the historic grave.

Videos of ongoing construction works on the grave reveal it has reached an advanced stage with the businessman reiterating his resolve to make the burial of his father historic.

Watch the video below


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